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Modern Day Disney Princess - Snow White

11/25/2014 12:00:00 PM

Hey lovelies!

Today's Disney princess is the one and only Snow White! This is a very simple and quick makeup look (with no dwarfs required) that is classic and perfect for everyday.

♥︎ Start off with a light base. BB cream or an everyday foundation work best. 

♥︎ We won't be adding any bronzer but powder as you would usually. Add some rosy blush for a flushed look.

♥︎ To emphasize your eyes and to give the illusion of bigger eyes, line your water line with a nude eyeliner

♥︎ No eyeshadow today, but to frame your eyes, line your lash line with liquid/gel/etc. eyeliner and wing it out.

♥︎ To add more emphasize to the eyes, apply mascara generously. The aim is to have full, voluminous lashes. If you want to go the extra mile, you can add some individual lashes at the ends of your lashes or go all out with strip lashes.

♥︎ Now for the star of the show, RED LIPS! To create the illusion of fuller lips, over line your lips with a nude lip liner just a little at your cupid's bow and just below it on the bottom lip. Don't over line the sides of your mouth as it makes it appear too fake. Then, continue with a red lip liner, red lipstick and for an added touch, apply some gloss on top to make your lips appear even more fuller. If you really want to emphasize your lips, apply a lighter shade in the middle of your lips to create more dimension!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Tag me in your recreation pictures! What would you have done differently? 

Until Next Time,

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