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Top 5 Tuesday - Products To Cut Down Your Makeup Application Time!

11/04/2014 12:00:00 PM

Hey beauts!

Today I come baring good and bad news. The bad news is that this will be the last post of the Top 5 Tuesday series (unless you guys have a post suggestion for me!). The good news is I'll be doing another series instead! My last Top 5 Tuesday will be dedicated to my top 5 products that have truly cut down the time it takes me to do my makeup!

Something I've found has really cut down my makeup application time is a primer with a built in moisturizer. Having dry skin, I now how important it is to moisturize but I also need to prime to keep my makeup in place all day. My favorite is the Revlon Photoready primer, but I'm sure you can find multiple primers that have built in moisturizers, SPF and other skin benefits too!

One thing that truly has been a game changer in my makeup routine is my Beauty Blender (or Sponge). I can literally blend my foundation in a minute or two, no joke! I get an airbrushed finish without having to blend for too long. Also, you can use it to apply your concealer and blend with it too so you're cutting even more time!

Having really oily eyelids means priming my lids is a must in my makeup routine. Cream Eye Shadows can cut down your makeup routine as they're an eyeshadow + primer! I love the ones that dry into powders or I just apply a bit of eyeshadow on top to insure it stays put all day. My favorites are the Maybelline Color Tattoos.

I love applying the whole shebang of blush, bronzer and highlighter, but realistically speaking, I don't have that much time every morning before University. A lifesaver has been shimmering Blushes OR Dark blushes (or both) that can act as a blush, bronzer and highlight in one! I love my Maybelline Master Glaze in Just Pinched Pink as a blush and highlighter. Also, one of my all time favorites is the Benefit Fine One One which has two blushes and a highlighter all in one stick!

I have been blessed with thick browns already, but I still need a little extra something. On the days where I don't really want to do my brows (whether I'm going for a natural look or just don't have time) I love using a tinted Brow Gel instead of the whole powder/pencil/gel fiasco. A really good one is the Elf one and The Benefit Gimme Brow. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Leave in the comments below whether you'd like me to continue the Top 5 Tuesday Series (with suggestions please!) or start a new series. Also, what are some of you're time cutting products?

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Until Next Time,

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