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May 2015 Favorites

6/02/2015 03:42:00 PM

Hey beauts!

Today I come to you all with my May 2015 favorites! I don't have many favorites this month just because I pretty much wore no makeup due to exams and the last month of uni being so very hectic. But now it's summer and I can finally have fun!

 Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 13 Marvelous Mauve

I just recently got this like 2 weeks ago and I've been wearing it nonstop! It lasts through EVERYTHING! This is the first liquid lipstick I own and it hasn't failed me once. I've had it on for over 10+ hours with sweating in the heat and eating and drinking and it didn't budge!

Heritage Store Rose Water & Glycerin
I love this for priming, setting and refreshing my makeup. It's purely just rose water and glycerin and it really gives me a dewy look. And the sprayer on top really sprays evenly!

ELF Mineral Infused Primer
I didn't think this would wow me but it really does hide my pores and helps the longevity of my makeup! It has a silicone feel to it and is a tad oily but once it sets on your skin it feels really soft. I love using this for everyday and it's up there in terms of quality with my Smashbox pore minimizing primer!

Rimmel Lash Accelerator

When I first got this mascara I fell in love with the length it gave me but was dissapointed that the curl just wouldn't last at all! But, pairing it with my Benefit Roller Lash mascara is a match made in heaven! I get volume and length while still having curled lashes all day!

Jessup Brushes

I have a full review of these brushes (here) but wow I truly have fell in love with these brushes! The face brushes especially are super soft and distribute product amazingly. 

Beauty Blender
I also recently got this and woah does using a new beauty blender change up your makeup game! I had my old beauty blender for over a year (yes I am aware how cringe worthy that is) and I thought it was long over do for a new one. I love this for everything honestly! I use it to blend and set my concealer and sometimes I use it for foundation, powder, blush, etc as well.

You'll see this in my current skincare routine (it'll be posted tomorrow or the day after!) but wow has it changed my skin! Any acne I've got has gone down drastically over night and dissapears within a few days completely! I haven't seen much change on the sebaceous filaments on my nose but hopefully its helping.


I literally finished this show in about 3 days! Its SO goooooood!! I haven't watched a show like it before and the music is amazing! I've been playing the songs all day ever since I finished the show. I can't wait for season 2! It's about a man who owns Empire, a music label that represents his two sons and his ex wife leaves prison after 17 years and comes back and stirs up some new drama! The show is such an emotional rollercoaster with many many laughs. I think everyone show watch it!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Leave me your May favorites in the comments below! And here's a picture of my kitty Suki being nosy while I'm taking pictures for this post, haha.

Until Next Time,

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