Makeup Geek Eyeshadows Review!

1/15/2015 06:54:00 PM

Hello beauties!

A while back I made an order on Makeup Geek to see what all the hype is about and I'm here to report back on them! I've been testing them for a little over a month.

So, let's go over the order, shall we: 

Corrupted, Drama Queen, Moondust, Homecoming, Taupe Notch, Sensuous, Shimma Shimma
Last Dance, Burlesque, Bitten, Twilight, Unexpected, Cupcake, Cinderella
Country Girl, Mocha, Cocoa Bear, Prom Night,  Glamorous, Creme Brulee

First Row:

1. Corrupted (Matte with very little shimmer): Known as the blackest eyeshadow in the YouTube and Beauty committee and now I know why! One thing you have to know about these eyeshadows is that some of them don't swatch as well as they are on the lids. When I first swatched Corrupted, I wasn't all that impressed; sure, it was a pretty pigmented eyeshadow, but, I didn't feel like the swatch blew me away. But then... I used it on my eyes... All I can say was that I was mind blown by how pigmented this eyeshadow is! I literally just lightly touch my brush to the pan and I still have to use a light hand with it!

2. Drama Queen (Satin with shimmery finish): I have to admit I haven't really used this all that much (like I said in my 2015 makeup goals, I NEED to branch out!) but the times I did use it, it was really amazing! It swatches beautifully and the shimmer in it is wonderful. I'm still trying to figure out how I'd like to rock these darker, shimmery shades, but overall, it is very pigmented and beautiful on the eyes.

3. Moondust (Metallic shimmer): This is such a gorgeous lid color for a darker, neutral eye! It is a slightly darker champagne color; very different from the typical champagne color we're used to seeing. It's great for someone who wants to change it up a bit without extremely changing the look!

4. Homecoming (metallic with light shimmer):Another great neutral shade! It's a beautiful dark, metallic, gold shade with shimmers that also works great with a neutral eye look.

5. Taupe Notch (Satin): A deep, cooler toned brown with a satin finish. Works amazingly for a transition color for a darker eye look and can also work as a lid color for a brown smoky eye!

6. Sensuous (Shimmer): I love using this as a transition color when I'm doing a purple smoky look with Drama Queen! It has such dimension to it with the different glitters and would also work beautiful as a lid color.

7. Shimma Shimma (Shimmer): Such a gorgeous brow bone and inner corner highlight! It is compared to MAC's Shroom (which I own) but I find it to be a little bit too shimmery to use like I used Shroom (which is all over the lid as a base). However, they both are beautiful brow bone and inner corner highlights.

Second Row:

8. Last Dance (Shimmer): Not much to say about this color. It's a beautiful burnt shimmer but I haven't used it much. I love it to deepen up eye looks with Burlesque and Bitten.

9. Burlesque (Metallic Shimmer): Also don't have much to say about this shade. It's a lovely shade to deepen the crease up with bitten and last dance.

10. Bitten (Matte): One of my favorite shades!! Such a beautiful, deep cranberry shade! I love love LOVE this for a deep cranberry look for the winter and I've been doing this more Arabian look (would you guys like a tutorial?) with Bitten and Glamorous and it looks so good!

11. Twilight (Shimmer): A beautiful pale, purple shimmer color that goes so well with Unexpected in the crease! Not much to say but I'm honestly very impressed with the shades of glitter in these shimmers!

12. Unexpected (Matte): the beauty of the transition shades by makeup geek are crazy! This muted purple shade is amazing for transitioning in a purple eye look and is so beautiful for a blending shade in a darker, smoky look.

13. Cupcake (Matte): Just as beautiful at transitioning as Unexpected. I love this for purple, eye looks and more pink toned looks.

14. Cinderella (Shimmer): This color works so well with MAC's Expensive Pink and as a inner corner highlight with more pink-toned looks.

Third Row:

15. Country Girl (Satin with shimmer): haven't really used this shade. All I can say about it is that it's a lovely burnt red-toned brown with shimmer.

16. Mocha (Matte): basic but beautiful brown shade for the crease. I love this for deepening the crease for an everyday, neutral look!

17. Cocoa Bear (Matte): I wasn't even planning on ordering this but I came with the starter kit I ordered. Honestly, was shocked about how much I enjoy it! This is another shade I use in the Arabian look (comment for a tutorial) and it's wonderful!

18. Prom Night (Shimmer): another gorgeous shimmer with multicolored glitters! I love this as a lid color for a smoky lid.

19. Glamorous (Shimmer): yellow-toned shimmer that reminds me a lot of Arab looks! This is the lid color I love to use with bitten and cocoa bear.

20. Creme Brulee (Matte): last but DEFINITELY not least! This is my favorite shade ever! You'd think such a basic shade wouldn't be my favorite but I honestly use it every time I apply eyeshadow! If you have trouble with blending out your shadows you NEED this in your collection! This color effortlessly makes ANY eyeshadow look look flawless. 

Final Verdict?
Overall, these eyeshadows are so beautiful! The transition colors are amazing at transitioning, the shimmers are so glittery and oh my God! The variety and dimension of the shades of glitter in the eyeshadows are incredible!!

Favorite Picks?
Hands down, Bitten and Creme Brulee! These shades are to die for and should be in everyone's collection!

I hope you all enjoyed this long post and have an idea about Makeup Geek! If you have any recommendations, leave them in the comments below!

Until Next Time,

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  1. I absolutely neeeed bitten in my life. I've been after that for awhile now. Ooo and their foiled shadows look interesting too :) love the post girl!

    1. You should totally get it!! Get them in sets its much cheaper! I'm planning on ordering the foiled eyeshadows soon :D

  2. MakeUp Geek shadows are beautiful, and are really beautiful. I love them, I just dont like the customs charges I get when I order them, lol.

    1. Hahaha shipping is always a pain when you live outside of the U.S.! I always try to use a shipping service if I feel customs and shipping prices will be too high x



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