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What I've Learnt & What I Want to Accomplish from Blogging

1/29/2015 05:38:00 PM

Hey lovelies!

Today is the last day of Blogger Week! Comment below if you like these themed weeks or prefer different posts? I will *hopefully* be doing Makeup Week next week and would love to continue the daily posts till the end of my holiday (might even continue on till afterwards, who knows?!). Tell me in the comments below if you liked blogger week and if you have any suggestions AND if you have any ideas on how many posts a week you would like to see!

What I've learned so far...

1- Being patient pays off: as I've said in my last two posts, nothing will come quickly and you will have to work for everything. It is frustrating and I do have days where my views aren't as much as other days, BUT the feeling of getting new followers, commenters and increased views is one of the most fulfilling feelings ever!

2- Being prepared is so much better than rushing: I've also mention this but I cannot stress enough how important it is! Every night around 3 AM (that's when my creativity strikes) I have my headphones in, blasting music and writing up a post or two. Try to squeeze in a post or two a day, when you know you're going to be focused on writing and just zone out and type! Even if you have 50 posts on queue!

3- There's always room to learn more and grow more: I kid you not, I learn something new at least once a day. Whether it's on blogging, beauty or life in general, I try to learn more which has shown through in my blogging. Don't limit yourself to the basics. Same goes with life; if you're done with high school/university, it doesn't mean you're done learning!

4- There's always room to IMPROVE: as I said above, you're learning things constantly, so don't let it stop you from improving! Strive to be perfect at what you're doing; since nobody is perfect, you can constantly be improving!

5-Interacting makes everything more fun: honestly, probably my favorite part of blogging, other than sharing my posts, is  seeing your comments and tweets! I could spend hours on Twitter having conversations with everyone! Don't hesitate to tweet me/DM me, as I love meeting and interacting with new people!

What I want to accomplish...

1- Growing my blog and establishing my brand: I want 2015 to be the year my blog reaches 1000 views in a day! I want it to keep growing and I want people to come to my blog knowing they'll get my honest review and great content. I strive to improve on the daily and ANY constructive criticism is welcome!

2- Being able to do more for my blog: I don't want my blog to just be any other beauty blog. I want my blog to become a place where the beauty community can come and have discussions and I would love for my blog to have more than just beauty and broaden the types of posts I do.

3- Providing opportunities for myself through my blog: as I said above, I would love to provide more and grow more. With that said, I would love to check out events and brands to review for my readers and expand my knowledge on new things!

4- Providing opportunities for all of YOU: from these opportunities for myself, I would love to provide opportunities for you all! I would love it if I could provide discounts, freebies, even opportunities to collaborate on my blog! I'm also thinking of doing a giveaway and much more!

5- Making my blog the best it can be: as I've gone on about for the majority of my post is that I want to keep improving. Everyday I find new things I can improve on and the same goes for my blog. As I said, constructive criticism is always welcome.

I hope you guys enjoyed Blogger Week! Comment below if you're excited for Makeup Week and if you have any more suggestions!

Tweet me (@lineupthemakeup)!

Until Next Time,

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