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Reasons Why I Prefer Ordering Online + Tips for International Shoppers!

2/24/2015 04:30:00 PM

Hey everyone!

I wanted to talk to you all about online shopping, specifically for people who live outside of the USA. I'll tell you everything I know about online shopping in hopes that we could give each other some tips and tricks! 

Why do you choose to shop online instead of just buying it in Bahrain?

Well, for starters, the main reason I ever buy anything online is due to it's lack of availability where I live. Coming from a very small island, the brands and even shops are very limited and, even though they do gain a lot of success, it might not be enough to stay open in such a small country. However, other reasons include:

1- Being cheaper online
2- I can use discounts amongst other perks
3- Wider range

What would stop you from ordering something online?

For the most part, I prefer ordering everything online. The biggest reason I wouldn't order online is that if I add up the tax and shipping, it makes the order worth it. Here in Bahrain, we don't pay sales tax for the most part but prices are inflated due to import prices from overseas. Other reasons I wouldn't order online is that it I can find it through Instagram shops (it's very common here in the Middle East since so many brands aren't available that people order online and sell them through Instagram) for a reasonable price (some of them charge 2x the price!!) or if I feel like the product isn't worth me paying for shipping + tax (for example, if at the time I only wanted 1 thing like an eyeliner).

What are the pros and cons of ordering online?


1- You save more if the tax isn't very high and the shipping options are reasonable (sometimes it's even free!).
2- You have more options and a wider range of brands to choose from.
3- You could use discount codes to get it at an even cheaper price.
4- You have so many websites (but only use reliable ones) to compare prices and shipping.
5- It's convenient to shop at home or anywhere if you have access to the internet.
6- It removes the pressure of having sales clerks everywhere in a shop.
7- It's easier to find items in stock online rather than contentiously checking the store.


1- You can't see the product itself (if it's not available in your country) so you can't swatch or see the size of it (size goes for clothing also).
2-  Sometimes the cost to ship to you is not worth buying it online.
3- It's not as convenient as getting it straight away rather than waiting for it to ship.
4- It can be unsafe if you use an unreliable website.
5- Inconvenient to return items if they don't match/don't fit/you don't like them.

Any tips for people who want to order online?

1- Make sure the website you're ordering from is reliable. Don't hesitate to check multiple reviews online on Youtube and other blogs. 
2- Make sure you have everything you need to order. A debit card isn't accepted online and the best option (in Bahrain) is to get an internet card to use online.
3- If a website accepts Paypal, it will be your most secure and safest payment method.
4- Check multiple sites to make sure you're choosing the best option price wise and shipping wise.
5- If they require a US address, look into getting a P.O Box through an online service (I use Shop & Ship from Aramex).
6- I highly recommend using Ebates for cash back purposes which will help (even on small orders!) you get money back so you can order even more!

What are your favorite websites?

1- www.makeupgeek.com
2- www.nordstrom.com
3- www.iherb.com  
4- www.allcosmeticswholesale.com 
5- www.coastalscents.com 
6- www.sephora.com
7- www.makeuprevolutionstore.com

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Do you have any tips I missed out?

Until Next Time,

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  1. I am like an online shop-a-holic! I would much rather shop online than go to a mall or the store. 1. I don't have to get ready, 2. I don't run into people and I avoid the crowds, 3. I can take my time without people breathing down my neck, 4. a much wider selection. The only con is shipping which kind of sucks, but for the US it's nothing extraordinary usually. I feel bad for all the countries that get taxes and crazy shipping prices!

  2. I literally agree with everything you said!! I wish shipping was free everywhere :(!



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