Valentine's Day Date Outfit Ideas!

2/12/2015 04:26:00 PM

Hello, beautiful readers! We all know how stressful it is to pick out the perfect outfit for a special occasion, but no need to fret, I'll be showing you 5 different outfits, each varying from girly to grunge to fit everyone's style! So today's collaboration is all about picking the right outfit for Valentine's Day based on your personal style preference. Unfortunately, I'm not a beauty blogger but I am honored to help my chummy out and write this post for her. My name is Fareema and I'm 17 years old, I go to the same university as Maryam and we've been friends since high school. I hope that my outfit ideas help you!

Outfit #1

Floraly yours

 If your date is taking you somewhere fancy this year for v-day, then this is the perfect ensemble for you! It's super girly and put-together and perfect for Valentine's Day, I chose this dress because I thought floral is the epitome of v-day and the colour pink just reminds me of love - the perfect combination. Add a few cute accessories and you're ready to go out for a fun date night!

Outfit Details

Dress - F&F

Shoes - Call it Spring

Necklace - Exhibition (Also available at H&M)

Watch - Michael Kors

Clutch - Dorothy Perkins


Outfit #2

Blush like a Rose

This outfit is another example for a typical girly v-day outfit, this is suitable for date nights with your significant other, or just a girls' night out. I wrapped up all the elements of valentine's day into one outfit, as I did in the previous one! I chose this beautiful floral velvet dress and incorporated it into the colder weather by adding a structured army green jacket to make sure that the overall outfit is not too dressy. I added the same accessories as the previous look and a pair of my favourite nude heels to complete the look.

Outfit Details

Dress - Stradivarius

Coat - RJR.John Rocha at Debenhams

Shoes - Forever21

Necklace - Exhibition (Also available at H&M)

Watch - Michael Kors

Clutch - Dorothy Perkins


Outfit #3

She Wore Blue Velvet

This is an ideal outfit for all you girls who dislike wearing dresses or don't like to go all-out for Valentine's day. The mesh/lace detail of the shirt and the velvet leggings still give an impression of a put-together outfit, so even though you're not putting in that much effort in your outfit, you still look fabulous! I kept the accessories to a minimum because I want the focal point to be on my shirt and leggings, so I just wore my favourite tri-tone metal watch. The shoes I opted for are these beautiful black cut-out booties to dress down the overall outfit. Also, if it colder where you live, you could add a coat on top, the one I chose is this black fuzzy coat which I think gives the whole outfit dimension due to the different textures.

Outfit Details

Shirt - New Look

Leggings - Forever21

Coat - Matalan

Shoes - Pimkie

Watch - Michael Kors


Outfit #4

Your Love is Choking Me

This outfit is perfect for you edgy girls out there, I incorporated the main elements of a typical grunge themed outfit and although this isn't a very romantic outfit, it's definitely cute and so in-style! The main colour of this outfit is black - the best. I paired a simple black bat-winged top with some super ripped boyfriend jeans to create a tough look. Adding layered necklaces is ideal for this outfit because it adds details and avoids a very dull and boring outfit, I layered my daily necklaces, the evil eye and my first name initial necklace with a thick black fabric choker. My shoes are the same black booties from the previous outfit and my purse ties the whole look together due to the distressed exterior. And alas! You have yourself the perfect grunge look.

Outfit Details


Boyfriend Jeans - Forever21

Shoes - Pimkie

Necklaces - Evil Eye : Exhibition

                    First Name Initial : Random Jewelry Store

                    Black Choker : H&M

Cross-body Purse - Forever21


Outfit #5

Aishiteru ~(^w^)~

This is what I would probably wear for Valentine's day, a very simple and cute look. If you're single and not doing much for v-day (like myself) or if you're going on a very casual date, this outfit is perfect for you! Just grab your favourite graphic t-shirt, whether it be a cute one like this or a band tee, you could definitely make this outfit very personal. I chose this shirt because it has some cute Japanese phrases and the pink writing sort of ties in with the whole Valentine's theme. Pair the shirt with your favourite jeans and shoes, I chose these Nike Free Runs to add a sporty vibe to the outfit (Plus, they are my faves at the moment). You could add accessories if you would like, but I just kept it simple by wearing my tri-tone metal watch. If you feel like this outfit is too casual, you could probably dress it up a bit by trying out a different hairstyle than what you usually do, braid your hair, put in a half-up half-down hairstyle, do whatever your heart desires. If it makes you look good, then go for it!

Outfit Details

Shirt - ZARA TRF

Jeans - American Eagle Outfitters

Shoes - Nike Free Run 5.0

Watch - Michael Kors


Thanks for reading my post and I hope you found it aided you in choosing the perfect outfit for Valentine's Day. You can add or remove a few pieces from the outfits to suit your personal style preference and remember to wear what makes you feel comfortable - mentally and physically. I wish you all a wonderful Valentine's Day! 

          Fareema x

(Maryam here, don't you think my chummy did an amazing job?! Comment down below if you think she should get her own blog!!)

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  1. I definitely think she should get her own blog! This was a great post and I loved the cute little names she gave the outfits!

  2. I'm slowly getting her to start her own blog but for now she's happy with doing guest posts haha! Glad you enjoyed the post x



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