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The Beginner's Guide On Make-Up Products

2/04/2015 06:12:00 PM

Hey beauties!

Now that you have the basics down, you need to know what products you should start off with! These are the basics I personally feel everyone should start with. You can pick and choose if you feel like you need this product but this is just a starter list!

1- Moisturizer: a crucial step you have to take before applying your base makeup is moisturizing! Opt for a moisturizer with SPF if your foundation/BB Cream doesn't have SPF.
 My pick would be Cetaphil or Baby Johnson Baby Cream (trust me it's the best!)

2- foundation or BB Cream: depending on the coverage you're looking for, you can choose between a foundation or BB cream. If you prefer something with more benefits and light-medium coverage, opt for a BB cream (you could always cover up any blemishes with concealer). If you need something with fuller coverage that concealer wouldn't be able to cover, opt for a foundation. 

My pick would be Bourjois Health Mix Foundation or Deborah BB Cream

3- Concealer: not everyone will need concealer, however, if you have dark circles and blemishes, you might want to go for a concealer with your foundation/BB cream. If you feel like you you don't need the coverage for all of your face, try using a concealer only. Check out my Makeup Basics (2) for more information on choosing the right concealer!

My pick would be Maybelline Fit Me concealer.

4- Powder: you have to powder your face to prevent it from transferring and to allow it to stay on for longer. People with drier skin might not need to do this but definitely opt for a powder if you have oily skin. If you find that you have very oily skin, try going for a powder that is specific for oily skin and mattifies the skin. 

My pick would be the Inglot Loose Powder.

5- Highlighter, Blush and Bronzer Trio: try finding a trio of all three if you believe you'll need all three. If you feel like your skin is looking dry and dull, make sure to get a highlighter to brighten your face and give it a dewy look. To add a flush of color to your cheeks, get a natural blush to restore the rosiness in your cheeks. To warm up your face, get a bronzer that can be used all year round! 

My pick would be Wet 'N' Wild Fergie Highlighter, Hoola Bronzer and NYX Blush or Nars Domination Palette (sorry I don't have a drugstore trio option!)

6- Eyeshadow Palette or Quad: you could splurge on a palette like the Lorac Pro which will have all the shades you need for multiple neutral eyes and more dramatic looks, or you can go for the smaller quads that are sold in the drug store such as Maybelline and Essence.

7- Mascara: I would highly recommend going for a drugstore mascara since they have some of the best. Opt for a mascara that will do what you want whether it's a waterproof, volumizing, or lengthening mascara.

My pick would be the Bourjois Twist Up the Volume

8- Liquid Liner: I would recommend going for a felt tip eyeliner if you're just beginning to help you line more precisely.

My pick would be Maybelline Hyper Glossy (I don't use felt tip but this is a liquid option!)

9- Pencil Liner: you can opt for a black, brown or nude eyeliner depending on what you're looking for. If you want to smoke it out under your lash line, choose a black eyeliner if you have dark eyes and brown liner if you have light eyes. If you want to open up your eyes more and make them appear larger, choose a nude colored eyeliner.

My pick would be Rimmel Scandaleyes or Kiko Retractable Eyeliner.

10- Brush set: I would suggest getting a set instead of individual brushes if you're starting out. I highly recommend Real Techniques or Coastal Scents.

11- Brow Duo or Pencil (Optional): if you feel like your eyebrows really need filling in, either go for a pencil (if it doesn't need much), powder (most natural), or wax (if you really need a lot of coverage). Choose a shade the same shade as your brows or a shade slightly lighter but don't go too dark and never use black eyeliner!! I would recommend choosing more cool tone shades since they look most natural.

My picks would be Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, Elf Dual Ended Eyebrow Pencil or Elf Brow Duo

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Any other items you would add?

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Until Next Time,

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