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How to Create a Routine and Stick To It!

3/12/2015 03:30:00 PM

Hey beauts!

So, we all say we're gonna stick to a routine this month or make it a New Years' Resolution but it never ends up sticking, right? We're all guilty of quitting after a while just because we couldn't stick to a routine! Well, whether it's going on a diet, sticking to a skin care routine or even exercising, these tips will hopefully help you create your routine and stick with it!  

It's easy to forget about your routine in the beginning because you still aren't used to adding these steps in your daily life. This is why you should put reminders to remind you everyday to continue on your routine! Whether it's on your phone or even on a post-it stuck to your fridge or laptop, keeping reminders set will help you get used to your routine!

Creating reminders will definitely get you used to sticking to your routine but make sure you make it a habit. Try to look forward to it, like having breakfast or watching your favorite show! Making it a habit will increase the likely hood of you sticking to the routine! 

Something that always helps me get through my day is lists. Writing it down in a to-do list, specifically if it has more than one step will help you stay on top of your routine. Plus, checking it off the list on a daily basis will be an extra bonus and will make you feel like you've accomplished on of your daily goals!

Keep track of your progress in a journal or even on your phone! It will help you keep track of the days where you've missed out on a step or can motivate to you to keep up with your progress. Once you have it all written down, you'll be motivated to stick with it!

Look at the bigger picture. Whether it's getting clear skin, getting straight A's or reaching your goal weight, don't give up because of the small bumps in the road but keep reminding yourself that it's all for a good cause. Looking back you'll be grateful that you stuck to your routine!

To make sure you have fun with your routine and don't feel like it's a chore, reward yourself after a specific time period. If you've stuck with the diet for a week, give yourself a cheat day (with moderation, ofcourse!). Or if you've finished studying a chapter in an hour, give yourself 30 minutes to relax or catch up on your favorite blog ;). These little things will keep you motivated and will give you something to look forward to!

 Something that really will make you more aware of the importance of said routine is learning the benefits and consequences of why you've set this routine for yourself in the first place. If you're feeling lazy about your routine, remind yourself of the consequences of not sticking to your routine. And if you feel like you've been doing well with your routine, remind yourself of the benefits you're getting because of it.

But please remember not to beat yourself up if you forgot a day or were even too lazy to stick to the routine for a day or two. It's okay and completely normal to  want to have a lazy day or to just want to not do anything all day. Just remember that you shouldn't make it a habit of breaking your routine because you'll never stick with it if you keep breaking it!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Tell me in the comments below if you have any routine experiences or tips to share!

Until Next Time,

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