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Wishtrend Wishlist!

3/26/2015 03:16:00 PM

Hey everyone!
I was recently introduced to an amazing website called Wish Trend that supplies authentic Korean makeup brands and I immediately fell in love! I've always loved Asian brands but never really got into them because of shipping costs. Lucky for me, Wish Trend  has FREE WORLD-WIDE SHIPPING on orders over $69, PLUS you get free samples! I am on a no-buy till my birthday in May, but I might just cheat and get some Korean products to hold me done for these 2 months!

1- My Lip Tint Pack in Bubble Pink & Chic Purple: I'm quite intrigued by this! It goes on like a gloss and after a few minutes it dries, you peel it off and bam! You're lips are stained for up to 12 hours! I would really love to test these out since $8.99 (they have a sale right now)!

2- OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum: recently I've gotten really into skin care (would you guys like a post on this?) and this serum won the Best Award in 2013 AND 2014! It claims to whiten and remove scars and remove blackheads and both of these are the things I struggle with my skin!

3- Smart Cleansing Kit (Deep Cleansing / All Skin): I've always wanted to try the Clarasonic but it's just too expensive where I live to waste so much money on something my skin might not react well to and we don't have a return policy! So, once I saw this on the website I was so psyched!! It has a 60% discount right now so it's $48 right now! Plus, it comes with a facial brush, blackhead brush and a cleanser so you won't have to buy anything extra!

4- Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream (BB Cream): this is the most selling BB Cream on the website and everyone knows Asian brands have the best BB/CC Creams! This adjusts to your skin tone and unlike other BB Creams it has a natural more yellow undertone so it doesn't turn grey on your skin. 

 5- Honey Mask: this is a super moisturizing and all around amazing mask! It seems like it would be very hydrating and soothing for the skin. Plus, I absolutely adore Honey-based items!

6- WISH BOX (No.36) : Hair Styling Box: as you know, I recently wrote a post on how my hair grew 5 inches in 4 months and I am constantly looking for ways to get my hair healthier and healthier and this looks like an amazing deal!

I would also love to try some sheet masks/individual masks but I wouldn't know which ones to choose! Leave some recommendations down below!

Best part? Wish Trend has TWO discounts for you to choose from! WISHMAR2015 for 10% off $55+ orders and WISHGIFTMAR2015 to get a free gift on ANY order!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! 

Until Next Time,

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