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My Favorite Multi-Purpose Makeup Products!

3/19/2015 03:58:00 PM

Hey lovelies!

We all own these products, but did you know they had multiple uses?! I love getting more bang for my buck and using these products have definitely given me that!

Highlighters are a very diverse product because, while you can use them to highlight your face, you can also them to highlight your inner corner, brow bone, cupid's bow and even as a shimmer on your body for special events! You could also use it as an eyeshadow, on top of eyeshadow to give it a shimmery effect (bonus: spray your brush to give it a metallic-y finish!) or even add it to your lips! You can go crazy with highlighters and their endless uses!

My favorites = Wet 'N' Wild Fergie Shimmer Palette in Rose Champagne Glow & MAC Soft & Gentle

Just like highlighters, bronzers have multiple purposes in addition to it's original use! You could use these to contour the eyes, as a transition shade or even as an eyeshadow! You could also use it as a brow powder if it matches your brow color (this only goes for matte bronzers).

My favorites = Benefit's Hoola & Coastal Scents Silhouette Palette

I can go on and on about how much I love Rose water and it's many uses! It's an amazing toner, face refresher, and setting spray! You can also use it as a fix in spray for eyeshadows and you can use it to foil eyeshadows. In addition to all this, it smells great!

This item is one of my holy grails! I ordered this off of iherb.com on the whim because I was intrigued by the product and now I use it for almost everything! I have an 88 palette from Coastal Scents and whenever I want to experiment with colored eye liner I just scrape a little eyeshadow from the palette and mix it will the Lock + Seal and viola! I have colored liner! I also use this when I need my brows to really last all day, when I have an eyeliner that runs or fades, and when I want a mixing medium for my pigments! I'm also tempted to use this to set lipsticks or to use it with an eyeshadow to make a lipstick stain!

Yes you can use concealer to conceal but did you know getting a few concealers (lighter, skintone and darker) can change up your makeup game so much?! You can do your face makeup with only concealer! Brighten under your eyes, cover up anything you need to cover up with a skin tone shade and use the darker shade to contour! You can also use concealer as a eyeshadow base and as a lip base as well! It can be super helpful if you want to erase your lip color! 

My favorites = LA Girl Pro Conceal & Nars Creamy Concealer

What are some of your favorite multi-use products? Leave them in the comments below!

Until Next Time,

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  1. My favorite is definitely the highlighter uses! I always forget to use it for my brow bone and inner corner of my eyes though! Love this post, so creative 😊💕




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