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10 Beauty Mistakes I Used To Make

9/25/2014 07:12:00 PM

Hey everyone,

So it wasn't that long ago when I was making the mistakes I cringe about these days. Now I'm not saying I apply makeup perfectly now (I'm far from perfect at makeup), but I'm pretty good at the basics. So, these are 10 beauty mistakes I used to make.

1- Dry Beauty Blender: I used to hate my beauty blender when I had just got it because I felt like it was just dragging my skin! So, with a little help from Google and YouTube, I figured out I had to wet my beauty blender each time I used it! I actually thought you only need to wet it when you first got it and you were done. Now, I can't blend my foundation with anything else!

2- Failing at Contour: so I still haven't perfected my contouring skill but I'm much better than I was a few months back. I used to contour my cheeks too low and till the end of my mouth. Yes... I'm guilty of walking around with a brown line across my cheeks. Now I've learned blending is key and less is more!

3- Not Using Shadow Primer: now I know this isn't a mistake for everyone, but I have really oily eyelids. So, I wouldn't go around an hour without my eyeshadow or eyeliner turning into a mushed up line in my crease. Hooded eyelids + oily eyelids - eyeshadow primer = clumpy eyeshadow. Now, I can't live without my ELF eyeshadow primer and MAC's Shroom eyeshadow as my base.

4- Un-blended Eyeshadow: I'm sure we've all gone through a phase of not blending our eyeshadow (well, at least I have). It took me a while to realize that my eyeshadow needed to be blended. Blend, blend and lastly, blend some more!

5- Streaky Foundation: before I started using a round, dense brush for foundation (currently Real Techniques' expert face brush), I was using a normal foundation brush to apply my foundation. Now, that would be okay if I used something like my beauty blender to blend it out but no, I kept my foundation beautifully streaky all over my face! But I soon realized that I could use my beauty blender to blend it out and currently moved on to my expert face brush.

6- Not Applying Foundation to My Neck: I feel like I still haven't perfected the art of choosing a foundation that matches my skin tone perfectly, so applying my foundation down to my neck is a must! I discovered this when I was in the car on my way to some outing and I looked in the mirror for my final touch up when I noticed that my neck didn't match my face! Horrified, I vowed to always bring my foundation down to my neck until I learned how to ACTUALLY match my foundation to my skin perfectly.

7- Uneven Blush: before finding Wayne Goss on YouTube, I used to apply blush to the apply of my cheeks only, literally. Literally, it was just a circle on my face. Luckily, I used to apply blush very sparingly (I still do), so it wasn't very noticeable. Now, I've learned to lift my blush a bit and blend. I think blending is like the number one rule with everything that has to do with makeup, LOL!

8- Not Cleaning My Brushes Frequently: I have to say, I was guilty of not cleaning my brushes frequently. I used to wash my brushes ever so rarely because I didn't feel like it was that necessary since I thought I didn't have that many brushes. Now, I have to wash my brushes at least once every two weeks, if not once a week (depending on how much I've been using them). But I try (emphasis on the try because a girl can forget sometimes!) to spot clean my brushes every time I use them. 

9- Wrong Foundation Shade: I'm still kind of bad at this (blame bad store lighting) but I used to wear foundation that was either too dark or too light! Now, this would be somewhat okay if I had brought it down to my neck, but no, I didn't so everyone could see the difference. Haha, but seriously! Try to match your color. If you struggle sometimes like me, it's good to take a foundation that's really close to your shade and match it in the store or use sites like findation.com to match your skin tone!

10- Brushing My Hair While it Was Wet: brushing your hair while it's wet can extremely damage your hair! Now, I brush my hair before I jump into the shower and if I really need to brush it afterwards, I use a wide tooth comb because it's much more gentle for the hair.

What are some beauty mistakes you used to do? Leave them in the comments below!

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Until Next Time,
Maryam Al-Mohsen x 

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  1. OMG I used to match my eye-shadow color to my shirt color and I wouldn't even blend it that was helarious looking back now :''')

    1. Hahahahaha! I used to rock aqua blue eyeliner with everything I wore!:')

  2. I always wanted to be tan so I would by a foundation at least 3 times darker than my skin and I would have a super taaan face and a super pale body lol!!! Looking back at those days makes me laugh it honestly seems as if someone took a head of 1 person and stuck it to the body of another
    I love ur posts and I would love it if u would do more reviews

    1. Hahahaha woah! Funny how we can look back at these moments and laugh!

      Thank you so much! I actually have a review coming soon!XO

  3. full on black eye shadow all around my eyes

    1. Hahaha we all used to try the "smoky look" and it was always a fail!



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