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First Impression - Aztec Beauty Indian Healing Clay

9/07/2014 11:09:00 AM

Hey everyone,

So I recently posted my iherb haul and thought I'd share my first impression of the Aztec Beauty Indian Healing Clay! 

On the back, the directions state to adding equal parts of the mask and either water or apple cider vinegar (or both). I opted for rose water because it has a more refreshing feeling and it smells good! The mask has no smell at all and comes in powder form. 

It says to mix the mask in a non-metal bowl with a non-metal spoon, so I chose plastic. I used around 2 tablespoons of clay to a bit over 3 tablespoons of rose water. I found it quite difficult to get it mixed really well (too many clumps) and I kinda think the consistency I had at the end wasn't even the consistency it had to be (story of my life) but I worked around it. 

I applied the mask with a foundation brush but I did have to smooth out some parts with my hand. The directions state to apply quite a thick layer (1/4 to 1/2 inch) so I applied as thick of a layer as I could.

After the first few minutes, I had already felt my skin pulsating as the mask states you'll feel. It was actually quite relaxing. Immediately after I applied the mask (like a minute later) I felt the skin around my mouth and chin tighten. It says to keep it on for 5-10 minutes for delicate skin and 20-25 minutes for normal skin. Even though my skin is quite delicate, I did leave the mask on for 17 minutes because it hadn't dried fully by 10 minutes. 

Once I removed the mask, the skin around my mouth still felt a bit tight/dry and I had slight redness around my t-zone (normal as it is stated on the packaging that this mask can cause redness that will fade after 30 minutes, which it did). My pores on my nose did seem slightly cleaner and not as wide and oddly enough, my skin felt soft even though I have dry skin!

Overall, this is only a first impression and I will keep you updated on how it works after a while but I do recommend this for a natural clay mask. 

Have you tried this mask out? Know of any amazing masks? Leave it in the comments below!

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Until next time,
Maryam Al-Mohsen x

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  1. Got this on ur recommendation and I love it

    1. Aww I'm so glad! I love it so much too and its so cheap!



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