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Five DIYs You Need in Your Life!

9/11/2014 12:35:00 PM

Hey everyone!

I thought I'd show you guys five basic DIYs that you'll need to keep in your back pocket for a gift or when you're in a rut! 

1- Daily Brush Cleaner: a daily brush cleaner will really change your makeup routine! It is necessary to clean your brushes daily (or each time you use them) to kill any bacteria and also be able to re-use your brushes without having to mix all your eye shadows and create a hot mess! All you need is some alcohol (the stronger, the better) and some rose water just to cut the scent of the alcohol that's it! I also added a few drops of tea tree oil just because I like the refreshing feeling it gives. So, it's 3 parts alcohol to 1 part rosewater. Just put it in a spray bottle, spray it onto a tissue, and swirl your brush in it and viola! Instant brush cleaner!

2- Body Scrub: I've always wanted a body scrub but I never seem to remember to buy one when I'm out! So, I have two recipes you could try out: one is quick and easy and one is all natural and homemade. The first method is really quick; you take your normal body wash and add in some sea salt and sugar (I like mixing both but you can use either/or). Depending on how strong you'd like your exfoliating scrub to be (thin and gentle or thick and more exfoliating), you'd either add 2 parts body wash to 1 part salt/sugar or 1 part body wash to 1 part salt/sugar.This is a very quick way to create your own body scrub and works just as well as store bought ones! The second method is to use 1 part honey, 1 teaspoon of oil (your choice), and 1 part sugar/salt. The same rule applies to this scrub about how exfoliating you'd like the scrub to be ( 1:1 or 2:1 ratio). Also, you could add some essential oils for added benefits and scents. You could also and in some soap if you want to also use it as a wash or you could just wash your body after the scrub!

3- Nail Polish: this is a reallllllly easy DIY that will seriously save you some money! All you need is some clear polish and some eye shadow or loose pigments. The quality of the shadows doesn't matter at all and you could use any shadow that you don't want from home. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has wanted a nail polish color and can't quite seem to find that exact color or has seen an eyeshadow and thought it'd make an amazing nail polish! Their are two approaches you could take for creating your own nail polish depending on the quantity you need/want. Either add a bit of clear polish with some eye shadow into a small bowl or plate, mix and apply or you can make a whole bottle by funneling a bit of eye shadow into the clear polish tube and shake the bottle, adding more eye shadow depending on how intense you'd like the color to be. Amazing and quick way to get any nail polish color at home! Plus, you could always mix colors to make even more unique colors!

4- Tanning Oil/lotion: ever decide to go to the pool to get that perfect summer glow and find out you don't have any tanning oil or lotion? Yeah, happens to me all the time. Here are a few quick solutions: you could use baby oil by itself if you tan easily, mix baby oil and cocoa powder or mix baby oil with instant coffee. It's literally that easy and totally customizable! You could also use coconut oil or olive oil if you don't have baby oil. To make it more of a lotion, substitute the oil with Shea butter or moisturizer and add more of the cocoa powder/coffee to make it darker.

5- Cream Blush: because I suffer from dry skin, I try to buy mostly cream products so my skin can look as dewy as possible. Sadly, it isn't an option with all blushes. I have a few blushes that I LOVE but they just look too powdery on me and accentuate my dry spots. So, easy solution, melt some Shea butter in the microwave for a minute or two, mix the blush with Shea butter and viola! Instant cream blush! You can use this same recipe with eye shadows or loose pigments (or mix colors together! Get creative). The best thing about this is that the product is so versatile so you could use it on your face and you eyes in any way you would like! 

I hope these DIYs come in handy! Any other DIYs that are a must? Would you have done anything differently? Leave it in the comments below!

Keep in touch through my social media link on the upper right side of the screen! Feel free to ask me anything!

Until Next Time,
Maryam Al-Mohsen x

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