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Top 5 Tuesday - YouTubers

9/24/2014 10:25:00 PM

Hey everyone!

I thought I'd do something different for Top 5 Tuesday this week and share my top 5 YouTubers!

1- The ShayTards: I feel so attached to this family! Such an amazing family who let us share thoughtful memories with them.We've seen them through rough times and now are seeing them become bigger and bigger! You need to check them out!

2- Miranda Sings: a funny and amazing character created by Colleen Ballinger. She can seriously entertain! And to anyone who doesn't like her.. haters back off! Hahaha, but seriously! Check her channel out!

3- Jaclyn Hill: I've known about Jaclyn's channel for a long time but just recently thought about checking it out. And wow was I impressed! Her amazing personality mixed with her perfect make skills truly make the perfect channel!

4 - MissRemiAshten: this girl seriously needs more subs! She has a wonderful personality and has some pretty unique videos! She's an all around amazing YouTubers with tips about college, clothes and just being a teenager!

5- Goss Makeup Artist: I have never seen a YouTube channel as unique as Wayne Goss' channel! He teaches you everything you need to know from your face shape to basic makeup tips to looks! Everything you need in one channel!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Who are your favorite youtubers? Leave them in the comments below!

Keep in touch with me on my social media linked in the upper right side of the screen!

Until Next Time,
Maryam Al-Mohsen x

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